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Facet provides technical recruiting, staff augmentation, and contract development services for engineering leaders of high-performance software and hardware teams.
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Our Story

I'm Robert Sweeney, the Founder and CEO of Facet. I'm a software engineer and I think technical recruiting is broken. LinkedIn charges $3 for every message a recruiter sends. The more messages recruiters send, the more money LinkedIn makes. This makes LinkedIn an awful experience for you and me. It's time for something new.
We believe that if you make a better candidate experience, people will come. These are the principles that guide every decision we make:

1. Privacy

You shouldn't have to share your information with the world to advance in your career. If you are open to new opportunities, that should be private. Your profile can be private, and only shared with companies that you are interested in.

2. No Spam

You should have total control over whether or not recruiters can contact you. If you are open to new opportunities, recruiters should only contact you about jobs you would likely be interested in.

3. Full Transparency

Companies should disclose salary ranges, relocation requirements, their interview process, and all other critical information up front.

4. Humane Interviews

The interview process should be quick and not overly burdensome. It should be respectful of your time.
Facet is a professional community for tech workers. Jobs are just one of the services we offer our members. By providing a better hiring experience for candidates, the top talent in the industry chooses Facet when they are ready for a change.
If you need help hiring, and would like to work with a team that knows how to work with tech talent the right way, we'd be happy to meet.
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